Denise Bridges is a recording artist, worship leader, dynamic speaker, and an award winning songwriter. Her story and music was featured on CBN News, The 700 Club, The Trinity Broadcasting Network, Calvary Chapel's CSN International radio, The FISH, KFAX, Reluctant Radio, Broken FM, and Amazing Hope.   


Denise is passionate about bringing hope and healing when she speaks, writes, and sings. She is known best for her vulnerability and how she relates to others. The many challenges she’s faced have only strengthened her faith and her darkest moments have been turned into a blessing. Denise says, “Beauty will ALWAYS come from the ashes.” Her motto is “Never Lose Hope” and her life verse is Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He makes everything beautiful in its time.”



Her story


From a child, Denise had a warped view of love and identity.  Not understanding how to heal from her wounds, she spent several years searching for LOVE but it only led her to more heartache and regret. The Lord called her back to Himself and she finally realized that only HE can fill her NEED FOR LOVE perfectly. He's given her the power to overcome and heal from many traumatic and challenging obstacles such as a broken home, substance abuse, rape, an eating disorder that threatened her health, a moral failure, a failed marriage, emotional abuse, and some compromising health issues.


Denise's vulnerability, depth, and humor leave a lasting impact when she speaks. She has a special way of reaching the youth of today as well as men and women of all age groups and backgrounds. She's passionate about breaking the chains of a twisted view of love & identity, and she reveals the true meaning of love as it relates to a variety of topics. Denise states, "LOVE is ALWAYS the answer in every single situation and HOPE is needed to survive and thrive. Denise has served in youth ministry leadership for over 20 years.


Denise speaks and shares her story at women's retreats, conferences, Celebrate Recovery's, MOPS, youth groups, public/private schools, and college universities. In addition to speaking and touring with her band, she leads a small group for Sophomore girls and leads worship for the Women's conferences and events at her home church, Venture Christian Church, Los Gatos, Ca. with Pastor and author Chip Ingram. She is married with three beautiful children.



“An AMAZING story of God’s mercy and the direct impact He had in rescuing and reshaping a former model burdened down with her past wounds/regrets and an eating disorder that threatening her health. Her story is impacting the lives of many."​ ​

Ron Scadina/Pastor of Reality TV, & Santa Cruz Revival

Santa Cruz, Ca


"I just have to say, you will be blessed beyond measure and your church, ministry, group will be changed when you have Denise Bridges & Child Of Mercy share and play for you. They are the face of Jesus! Youth groups will be rocked by them, churches will worship!"
Dave Matas/Pastor at Cornerstone Fellowship,

Livermore, Ca


"Denise is an incredible woman to work with. I've seen her work with a Celebrate Recovery Group, at several music festivals and have seen how she has been a key note as well as a small group leader at two different Girl's Conferences. She is passionate and an excellent communicator. Students, adult leaders and mothers have all spoken well about her at the events we have been a part of. She is easy to work with, humble and very open to options to serve. Biblically, she is sound in her doctrine, yet she is very transparent and practical as well. If you are looking for a worship leader, a speaker or you are thinking a little outside of the box, Denise would definitely be someone you should consider!"
Jackson Fong/Regional Denominational & Network Leader, founder YMOptions, & Student Ministries Pastor 

Downey, Ca

"I wasn't in a good place 2 ½ years ago and had lost sight of God. I appreciated everyone’s prayers, but I can be a bit stubborn and our living church was carrying my load in my absence. This is when Our Father and Savior intervened and decided I was to be at Celebrate Recovery in Alamo on an evening Child of Mercy was visiting. I wasn't really paying attention and just going through the motions of being there. I heard Denise (Lead Singer) while she shared her story, and once they started playing their songs of praise and worship while I read her lyrics, I saw God’s light again!! Something in me changed, I can’t even put into words what I was feeling, except pure JOY and HAPPINESS! Even now after 2 ½ years I still tear up listening to some of their lyrics. God chose Child of Mercy as his messengers to me and for that I am eternally blessed! I decided to ask God to take my burden that day, 9/10/11, and since then, Raya, and I support Denise and Child of Mercy when they visit the East Bay." 

Michael/New Life Church

Alamo, Ca


​"Denise, I didn't get but a few seconds with you while I purchased your CD, but truly I wanted you to know, that if only for me, it was meant to be that I was at your concert tonight. It has been such a dry season for me and many times have felt like giving up but your story and your words in your songs touched my heart and has given me a little renewed hope...for it was my hope I was losing. Thank you for your music, especially sending the message of don't give up. I will keep fighting back. May God bless you and the band as you continue to reach out to others."

Sheri Ricci/Foxworthy Baptist Church Celebrate Recovery

San Jose, Ca

"I had the pleasure of watching you yesterday @ the PBC church in Palo Alto. I've been struggling w/ addictions for over 30 years, this last year the worst. Your song Broken Pieces and your prayer after that song truly moved me, darn near enough to tears that I had to leave shortly after so as not to embarrass myself...Thank You, you've moved what I had surely thought was a dead soul...perhaps there is hope for me now." 

Scott Burgess/R&R at Peninsula Bible Church

Palo Alto, Ca

"The people in this band ARE THE REAL DEAL! They really are ministers first and great musicians second. May Jesus REALLY BLESS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!" 

Joseph D Hinol/New Life Curch

Alamo, Ca

"Wow! Powerful! You’re probably the most passionate person I ever met in my life. It’s manifested in your music, testimony, the love you have for Jesus, family, friends, etc.. Congrats for finding your calling and excelling at it." 

David Maynard

Hollister, Ca